Note: Tuition prices include the cost of instruction, rehearsal space rental, sets, props, and minimal costume pieces.  Parents may be asked to bring in costume pieces for certain classes.  Tuition does not cover the cost of performance venue rental.  Additional optional fundraisers/events will take place throughout the course of the semester.


Please review to and accept the following rules, regulations, and code of conduct before registering:

  1. For production classes especially, cast members are not permitted more than 3 unexcused absences. If a cast member has more than 3 unexcused absences, they will be subject to having their role being reduced or in some cases taken away. Blocking, vocals and choreography will not be re-taught – if you are not present, it’s your responsibility to learn blocking & choreography from a fellow cast member. [Excused absences: school-related activities, sickness, family emergencies.  Unexcused absences: parties, concerts, hanging out with friends, Broadway shows.]


  1. Cell phone use is NOT permitted during rehearsals or breaks at any time. Cell phones will be collected at the start of every rehearsal and distributed back at the end of every rehearsal.  If parents need to get in touch with you, they are welcome to call the studio at any point.  Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave rehearsal.


  1. Audition Process: All roles will be distributed based on auditions and whom the artistic staff deems best. Conversations including rhetoric such as “that is my part!” and the like will not be tolerated.  Any behavior in which a student threatens another student over part will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the program.


  1. All cast members are to treat one another with respect at all times. If there is an issue of any kind, all cast members are to inform an adult in the production team immediately.  Cursing, swearing, name-calling, bullying, and fighting (both verbal and or physical) are all strictly prohibited.


  1. Scenes and songs are to be memorized one week after learning them in rehearsal. This will be strictly enforced.  Failure to comply may result in scenes/songs being cut from the final show.


  1. The facility and all Shining Studios Organization, Inc. property (and all outside rented facilities and outside rented property) must be respected at all times. All garbage must be thrown out at the end of every rehearsal and all rooms must be restored to proper condition.  Families will be held financially responsible for any damage you may cause to the building or to Shining Studios Organization, Inc. property.


  1. Friends, significant others, etc. are not permitted at rehearsals unless specific permission is granted (IE: “Bring a Friend” week, open dress rehearsals, etc.)


  1. All cast members are to respect the production team and their artistic decisions. You are to come to rehearsal every day with a script and pencil.  Scripts may not be left at the rehearsal studio and should be taken with you at the end of every rehearsal.  Shining Studios Organization, Inc. will not provide secondary copies of scripts.  If you lose your script, you/your family will be held financially responsible.


  1. You may not leave the studio without informing an adult. “Starbucks runs” and food breaks may only take place during designated times and with adult permission.


  1. All conversations about your production and or Shining Studios Organization, Inc. on social media must be kept positive and appropriate. Inappropriate content related to any Shining Studios Organization, Inc. production, cast member, or staff member can result in removal from our program.



I hereby waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Shining Studios Organization, Inc., it’s employees, Board of Directors, and any independent contractors hired by Shining Studios Organization, Inc. and will not hold them liable for any losses, damages, injuries, harm done, or accidents that may result from my child’s participation at any time during classes, rehearsals, performances, private instruction, events, or camps.


I understand that my daughter/son may be photographed or taped and her/his image may be used for Shining Studios Organization, Inc.’s digital and print promotional purposes only, such as our: Facebook page, website, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or newspaper advertisements.


In the event that my child is to damage, accidentally or intentionally, any property of the rented facilities or Shining Studios Organization, Inc., I understand that I will be held financially responsible.


I acknowledge that my child may be given a rehearsal script, which is to be returned on the last day of class. In the event, this script is lost, damaged, or altered in any way, I understand that I will be held financially responsible.



Pro-rated refunds are offered ONLY for the first two weeks of every class.  After two weeks, all refunds take place in the form of a CREDIT to be used at Shining Studios for classes, productions, or events. There are no exceptions.