Tips from Actors

Welcome to Behind the Scenes! It has come to my attention that I neglected to post on the blog last week. So to make up for that, I’m posting an extra one today!

A lot of theater, unfortunately, is made of stressed filled situations. Auditioning, waiting to see if you’ll get the part you want, rehearsals, and finally the show. We have to remember certain things that almost all professionals have realized. So, for today, I have gathered a list of frequently told pieces of advice for you to keep in mind.

  1. Find the joy
  2. Don’t worry about what the casting director is thinking
  3. Loosen up in the audition room
  4. Put faith in your director
  5. Pay attention to what you know
  6. Draw from personal experiences to make characters resonate
  7. Make the role yours
  8. Lighten up and have fun
  9. Avoid desperation
  10. Get a thick skin
  11. Enjoy the collaboration
  12. Don’t just dream
  13. Don’t try to be someone else
  14. Invent a thorough backstory to reach emotion
  15. Find other creative outlets

If you try to follow at least some of these tips, hopefully you’ll find yourself able to relax more and fully enjoy the experience of any show you’re in.