Shining Studios has become a second home for my son. He’s been with Kyle and the team since Shining opened its doors in Port Washington. Whether he is appearing in a full scale production or participating in a workshop or Shining Studios camp, my son is having fun, growing his confidence and learning many aspects of theater arts. We could not love Shining any more!
Shining Mom
My daughter has had a great experience at Shining Studios. Not only is she stretched in all areas of theatre, acting, singing and dancing but she was inspired to see the older kids mentoring the younger ones. She said it’s truly like a family.
Megan Gomez
Shining Mom
“Shining Studios has provided Shayna with an appreciation for theater…how many people can say that about their eight year old?! Thank you Shining Studios!”
Judith Helter
Shining Mom
"Shining Studios is the best place for any child who is interested in theater. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming environment when my 8 year old son wanted to try acting last year. He had an amazing experience and can’t wait to participate in his next production!"
Michelle Duran
Shining Mom
"My son started at Shining Studios three years ago. I have seen his confidence both on and off stage dramatically improve by finding himself through theater and comedy. He also made wonderful friends through the program. Later we enrolled our younger children. All three of my kids have participated in numerous productions. It’s been a great asset to have shining in town. The teen performances are absolutely wonderful. There is nothing better than watching your children shine on stage."
Jill Mazur
Shining mom
“We all dream of a good life for our children, where they feel accepted and their gifts are appreciated. We sign them up for things like, dance and gymnastics, hoping that they will excel and build confidence in themselves. When my daughter was seven, she had already experienced a crushing disappointment, in a world that we invested much time and money into. They say everything happens for a reason, and this only opened the door for her to realize an undiscovered talent. How do you thank someone, who gave your child an opportunity to be heard, recognized and ultimately unlocked the door to a world of endless possibilities? My daughter was only 8 years old when Kyle helped discover her abilities to sing and perform on stage. She may have been performing for us in our living room for years already, but not on the stage. I will never forget seeing her for the first time, on stage, when she stepped into the light, in character, confident, and shining!! She surprised much of her family, and continues to amaze us with her voice and her talents! This is where she belonged, and had it not been for Kyle Savage, she may not have known the incredible world of Musical Theater! Adventure, creativity, confidence, self-discovery, sense of belonging, encouragement, and teamwork are just some of the benefits of being a part of the theater world.”
Shining Mom
“It has been a most rewarding experience to watch my children develop stage presence, confidence and a love of acting, singing and dancing! Their experience learning has been both fulfilling and positive. Acting is their creative outlet, and the experience that Shining provides them allows them to express themselves creatively. Kyle has the ability to cast all of his actors in a way that highlights their individual strengths. His passion for teaching drama is evident by his theatre productions. Every detail such as: costumes, music, scenery and making sure every child is involved in the process is planned with care. ‘Thank you, again, for sharing your passion for the arts with our children. You are providing my children with a creative outlet and a time to enjoy themselves.’”
Jen and Doug
Shining Parents
“We were interested in introducing our 7 and 8 year old girls to acting and musical theatre and found Kyle, Marissa and Amber. This wonderful and dynamic trio worked wonders with our girls who had no prior acting experience. We were afraid that as newcomers to a group of children who had obvious prior experience in acting and singing, our girls would have back seat roles and not gain the benefits of full immersion into performance. Kyle and Marissa however, personalized roles for our girls. They were so very excited every week to attend their acting and theatre class, that even when my older one was febrile and listless, she still wanted to attend class. We were truly amazed at how the girls fell in love with falling into their characters’ roles. The ebullience and stage presence they projected came from the joy and confidence that Kyle and his team helped to instill in their performance. They each shined in their parts, and all the work and dedication Kyle and his team invested was incandescently realized with each show they participated in.”
Vinh and Tien
Shining Parents
“At first my daughter didn't want to enter her acting class. She was the youngest and felt intimidated. I knew, though, that acting, singing and dancing was in her blood. So I pushed. And boy am I glad! She performed this year in two shows. While she had a small role in the first one and was feverish during the performance, she sparkled. A star was born! Kyle and Marissa gave her a larger role in the second show, and she literally loved every minute. She took her rehearsals very seriously and kept all of the details secret. My husband and I were blown away! Not only by her talent by also by the amount Kyle and Marissa had taught her in one year. We can't wait for the next performance!”
Pamela S
Shining Mom
"Our daughter Annie had been asking for a long time, about taking musical theater classes so when I saw Shining Studio's ad in our local Newspaper I jumped at the opportunity to enroll her.  The week-long camp she spent with Kyle, Amber and Paul was wonderful!  She came home every afternoon excited and happy about all the singing, dancing and stage technique she had learned that day.  The performance at the end of the week was so rewarding to watch.  I can't believe how much they all learned in only a few days and was touched to see how many friends she had made as well.  We are so thankful that Kyle has brought Shining Studios to Port Washington!"
Shining Mom