Caring for your Voice

Exciting news this week- Shining Studios’ Nassau and Suffolk County locations are officially open! In honor of this occasion, and with audition dates drawing ever closer, I’ve decided to share with you everything a theater fan should know about their voice.

When an upcoming audition or show are not too far away, it’s important to follow a few crucial steps to save your voice. One of the most overlooked is the avoidance of certain foods that are bad for your throat and could negatively impact your singing:

  • Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, that should probably be avoided anyway, can cause dryness and constricting of your throat.
  • We should try to avoid spicy or overly peppered foods as they can cause us to clear our throats more often, adding discomfort to our voice.
  • Cold drinks should be taken in small doses because they cause our throats to contract and stiffen. This counteracts any warming up we might be doing that could help us reach those notes above or below our comfortable range!
  • Lastly are the dairy products. For example; cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. These foods cause an excessive buildup of phlegm and mucus in our throats.

Other tips include drinking warm tea with a spoonful of honey or, if you’re really serious, you could try throat coat. This is a safe product that is supposed to work like tea and honey do, providing a “coat” of protection for your throat to stop you from over exerting your voice. It will help you temporarily feel better, but unfortunately it isn’t a permanent solution. If you find yourself getting sick before an important vocal occasion, this is a quick Band-Aid solution. The other downside is the taste- very unpleasant.

Lastly, before you do any singing you should warm up first. Often, the musical director will warm up with everyone before a performance, but you should always warm up before any audition or performance just to be safe. Just follow these tips and you should have no problem showcasing your beautiful voices!