Our Mission


Our Mission

Our Mission:

The mission of Shining Studios is to provide education, enrichment, and entertainment to students, families, and community members through the performing arts.


Why Shining?




Our staff is more than just passionate; they are committed.  The classes, productions, and production choices are meant to challenge students and constantly drive them out of their comfort zones and beyond.  At Shining Studios, our students are consistently motivated to reach their personal best.  Our instructors and staff members are both accessible and approachable, providing all students the guidance and resources that they need to shine on stage.





Being part of the Shining family and signing up for a Shining Studios theatrical education is more than just a class once or twice a week.  As part of our mission we are constantly looking for innovative and “out-of-the-box” opportunities for students to perform in and engage with.  As a part of Shining, you are also a part of the bigger theatrical community.  Whether it is performing with guest artists, field trips, or interactive performance spaces, Shining Studios prides itself on giving our students once in a life time chances to hone their craft unlike ever before.





Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Aside from being a theatre school, Shining Studios is happy to be a venue where community members of all ages can come to enjoy a wide array of cultural and artistic events.  From full-scale youth musical productions, karaoke nights, open mic cabarets, comedy events, private engagements, and so much more, Shining is a place where you can enjoy local and professional talent in an intimate atmosphere.